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Stories and articles focusing on practices to help you grow closer to God (prayer, fasting, Holy Communion, etc.); stories from individuals’ faith journeys. Read More


Stories and helps for growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ and overcoming the challenges of being a faithful disciple; ideas for helping others to grow as disciples. Read More

Church Life

Inspiration for new ministries for your congregation to consider; resources to help your congregation reach beyond its walls; ideas for worship, education and small group ministry, stewardship, age-level ministries, relationship-building, using technology in ministry and others. Read More

United Methodism

What it means to be a United Methodist in the 21st century; United Methodist beliefs, history and teaching; church structure; denominational giving. Read More


Stories of how and where United Methodists are serving throughout the world; ideas for local church-based mission; ways to serve as volunteer and as short/long-term missionaries. Read More

Special Emphasis

Collections of articles related to a specific topic (i.e., prayer, themens of grace, so forth). Read More