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Interpreter Magazine
810 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

Subscriptions -- (888) 346-3862

Editorial and Advertising -- (615) 742-5107

Interpreter is the award-winning ministry magazine for lay and clergy leaders in local United Methodist churches across the United States. Articles in the magazine connect you to:

  • God;
  • Other United Methodist leaders;
  • Ideas and Resources to Use in Your Ministry.

Published six times each year by United Methodist Communications, each issue includes a cover package of features providing ideas and resources addressing an area of interest or concern to local churches.

Topics addressed regularly include:

  • Technology in the Church
  • Developing New Lay and Clergy Leaders
  • Starting New Congregations and Revitalizing Existing Ones
  • Ministry with the Poor
  • Global Health

Other articles frequently address spiritual growth, worship and special days in The United Methodist Church, missions and outreach, Christian education, ministry with different age groups, and other avenues of ministry and mission that local churches can do alone or as part of the United Methodist connection.

Issues also contain these popular departments:

  • "It Worked for Us" -- success stories from local churches;

  • Idea Mart -- helpful stories of resources from agencies and institutions of The United Methodist Church;

  • Church Rethought -- United Methodists answering the question "What if?";

  • The World Is My Parish -- life-changing stories from United Methodists around the world;

  • Letters -- thought-sharing from Interpreter readers;

  • UMC 101 -- the basics of United Methodism;

  • Lighter Fare -- healthy recipes and humorous stories;

  • And much, much more.

Interpreter welcomes suggestions for stories and letters to the editor from its readers.

All United Methodist clergy and seven lay leaders in each local church are entitled to receive Interpreter as a benefit of congregations' support of the World Service Fund. Congregations update their list of recipients annually. You can reach all of these leaders easily by advertising in Interpreter.

You can also subscribe to Interpreter as an individual or purchase additional subscriptions for leaders and future leaders in your congregation.

If you prefer, call Customer Service at United Methodist Communications, (888) 346-3862 to start your subscription.

For other questions or concerns, contact the Editorial Staff and Advertising Representative at (615) 742-5107 or by e-mail.

Interpreter Staff

Editor -- Kathy Noble (Features, Leadership Link, IdeaMart, Letters to the Editor)
Managing Editor -- Joey Butler (World Is My Parish, It Worked for Us, Church Rethought, Lighter Fare, UMC 101)
Art Director -- MCM Design Studio
Photographer -- Mike DuBose
Advertising Coordinator -- Jane Massey
Production Manager -- Carlton Loney
Subscription -- Customer Service (