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(Actual job description in a United Methodist Church.  Used with permission.)


The Director of Christian education shall give direction to the entire educational ministry of the congregation.


I.                    Sunday School

   A.     Executive and Administrative

1.      Develop a unified educational program of Christian study, nurture, and fellowship

2.      Promote Sunday school attendance and growth.

3.      Meet with Education Work Area, Council on Ministries, Administrative Board, Family life Council, and other groups impacting the educational ministry.

4.      Consult concerning educational budget needs and keep check on money spent.

5.      Coordinate ordering of supplies.

6.      Arrange group classes and keep an up-to-date record system.


   B.     Supervision

1.      Visit Sunday school classes.

2.      Be available to teach as a resource person and consultant.

3.      Work closely with new teachers.

4.      Hold regular planning meetings with teachers in cooperation with Sunday school superintendent and age-level coordinators.

5.      Give specific attention to programs for youth and college age.

6.      Organize a Worker’s Conference to meet at least annually.


   C.    Curriculum

1.      Work with teachers and classes to choose resources.

2.      Maintain working knowledge of materials available.

3.      Coordinate ordering of materials.


   D.    Teaching

1.      Teach no Sunday school class on a regular basis.

2.      Be available for teaching of specific topics and short-term classes.

3.      Promote and/or lead various weekday/night studies.


   E.     Leadership Training

1.      Guide the recruitment and equipment of teachers.

2.      Organize and conduct new teacher training.

3.      Coordinate and promote continuing education and recognition of all teachers (both local events and larger workshops at least once a year).


  F.     Relational Responsibilities

1.      Be available to teachers, youth, and parents for counseling.

2.      Visitation of teachers and youth who are ill.


II.                  Vacation Bible School


   A.     Recruit director and teachers


   B.     Assist in scheduling and organizing.


   C.    Serve as resource person for teachers or age groups.



III.                Youth Ministry


   A.     United Methodist Youth Fellowship

1.      Overall coordination of Junior and Senior High UMYF.

2.      Promote youth participation in UMYF.

3.      Promote and maintain cooperation between youth ministry and the total ministry of the church.


   B.     Youth Counselors

1.      Guide and enlistment and training of adults to work with youth.

2.      Schedule regular meetings for communication and planning


   C.    Leadership by Youth

1.      Organize and supervise Council on Youth Ministry.

2.      Oversee planning and execution of regular UMYF meetings.

3.      Give direction to the Council on Youth Ministry in planning and providing meaningful programs and recreation.


   D.    Special Activities

1.      Planning and execution of special trips and activities.

2.      Direction of youth worship experiences.

3.      Direction of special presentations or study groups.

4.      Work with Director of Music in coordinating programs for children and youth.

5.      Assist in coordinating program for Scouting.


IV.               Church Library


   A.     Advise and work with the church library staff


   B.     Assist in the selection of library resources.


   C.    Assist in promotion and general utilization of church library.


            V.       Miscellaneous Activities


   A.      Assist in planning of special and seasonal church programs.


   B.  Work with Parents’ Day Out Committee


   C.  Assist in coordinating programs for mentally disabled children’s activities.


V.                 Community and denominational Responsibilities


   A.     Serve as a leader and/or volunteer in community projects and services.


   B.     Provide leadership and/or participation in educational activities of the  district, annual conference, and general church.


VI.               Personal and Professional Study


   A.     Develop and ongoing program for personal and professional study and growth.


   B.  Maintain an active membership in Christian educators Fellowship and other 

    related professional groups.



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