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Technology: Youth group uses CD-ROM to invite new students

The student ministry team at Mount Pisgah Church (Alpharetta, Ga.) developed a CD-ROM to reach technology-savvy young people.

NewTown Student Ministries, a large youth ministry program, used an existing computer program to create a customized CD highlighting their ministry and inviting students to get involved.

They used the Internet to find a company that could produce the CDs cost effectively. The youth group had 2,000 CD-ROMs produced in a specially designed sleeve. The sleeve includes meeting times and contact information.

Students give the CDs to their friends at school. Visitors or families joining the church are also given a copy.

The team says the CD-ROMs send a message to students and potential visitors that the church understands the needs and interests of today's youth.

Mike Hancock, minister to students, says, "I hope that the CD-ROM impacts the community in a positive way. Our students live in a multimedia world, and we want to speak to them using their own language. CD-ROMs are interesting, and young people want to know what is on them."

The youth ministry team also sees the CD-ROM as a way for students to be evangelistic. "Our youth have learned that they are responsible for evangelism, too," says Hancock. "This project has given our students an easy tool to share with their friends." Plans are underway to update the interactive CD next summer.

To learn more about Mount Pisgah's success, call the church at (678) 336-3115. Or visit them online at or

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